Services / Translation



Because for our 26 years in business:

– We at MEDIATEXT have been providing official translation in a professional and timely manner;

– We at MEDIATEXT have been ensuring continuous quality control (by choosing the right translator, proofreading, editing, etc.);

– We at MEDIATEXT have been satisfying individual customer needs always in consideration of customer business nature by customized solutions (including consulting appropriate sources, creating specialized terminological database, etc.).

What can MEDIATEXT be tasked with?

We at MEDIATEXT have extended experience in translating:

– Corporate documents (agreements, policies, procedures, instructions, powers of attorney, declarations, financial statements, company incorporation documents, company extracts or certificates from commercial registers, etc.);

– Medical documents (medical certificates, discharge summaries, tests and scans, clinical trial protocols, patient informed consent forms, etc.);

– Public documents (acts, regulations, court orders and decrees, etc.);

– Personal documents (birth or marriage certificates, education completion diplomas, conviction status certificates, declarations, certificates, etc.) required for business and private purposes (national and international trips, employment, studies and research, business negotiations, tender participations, etc.);

– Documents, texts and materials in all other areas.

How is final product delivery arranged at MEDIATEXT?

MEDIATEXT makes finished translations available to clients depending on their choice – at our office, by E-mail, by mail or courier.